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How can I use the media system of the respective car?
What do I do if my smartphone runs out of battery?
What do I do if my smartphone has no reception?
How do I start charging the electric vehicle?
How am I insured with CARLA?
How high is the deductible in the event of damage?
I have found an object in the vehicle - what should I do?
I left something in the car. What must I do?
Is an amount reserved on my credit card each time I use it?
How is the payment made?
Can I attach attachments to a CARLA vehicle?
Can I transport animals in a CARLA vehicle?
Can I travel abroad in the CARLA vehicle?
Can I park in a chargeable zone?
The designated car sharing parking space is occupied when I return. What must I do?
Do I need to return the CARLA vehicle to the pickup location?
Do I have to charge a vehicle with electric drive?
How do I use the fuel card?
Do I have to refuel a vehicle with a combustion engine?
What do I have to do at the end of the journey?
What do I do if the vehicle is dirty or has little fuel?
Do I have to clean the CARLA car?
Can I park my private vehicle in the parking space of the CARLA vehicle?
Can I smoke in the CARLA car?
Can I interrupt and resume the journey?
Can I return the vehicle earlier?
My car has broken down. What should I do?
I was in a car accident. What am I to do?
I am late and will not be able to return the vehicle in time. What do you want me to do?
Can someone else drive the vehicle during my reservation?
What should I consider when making a reservation?
The CARLA vehicle is not at the station at the time of pickup. What am I to do?
I have reserved a vehicle, but I can't find it. What am I to do?
Can I use the vehicle before the reservation starts?
How do I open, close and start the car?
What do I have to pay attention to when driving?
I have noticed a damage to the vehicle before starting the journey. What must I do?
Is the green insurance card (abroad) in the CARLA vehicle?
Do the vehicles have automatic or manual transmissions?
Where is the breakdown triangle, first aid kit and safety vest in the CARLA vehicle?
Where is the vehicle registration document in the CARLA vehicles?
Which vehicles can be booked?
Can I choose a different return location?
Where are CARLA's current locations?
What is the shortest and longest usage duration?
Can I cancel a reservation?
How can I reserve a vehicle from CARLA?
How is the price of a ride with CARLA determined?
What is included in the fare?
What costs are incurred?
I committed a traffic violation and got a bus ticket. What happens now?
Are there any offers / special conditions for companies?
How can I use CARLA for business trips?
I can't remove the charger cable. What must I do?
Where can I charge an electric or hybrid vehicle?
How do I end the charging process of the electric vehicle?
How long does it take to charge the BMW i3?
What are the tyres of the vehicles like?
Are there vehicles with roof racks?
Are there vehicles with trailer coupling?
Are child car seats available?
I can't open the CARLA vehicle with my CARLA access data. What must I do?
I have lost my access data, who do I contact CARLA?
Do you have an offer for learner drivers?
How long does the registration take?
What do I need to register?
What are the requirements for registration?
Do I have to report my driving licence revocation?
How will my personal data be used?
How can I register?
How do I terminate my contract with CARLA?